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Members of the East of England Research Interest Group Steering Committee
(and their key role):

MARTA CAMACHO – Cambridge Centre for Brain Repair

I work as a PD Clinical Cohort Studies Co-ordinator at the Barker/Williams-Gray group in Cambridge. I am also a PhD student in the same group, investigating gut problems in Parkinson’s disease and how they might affect not only quality of life but disease progression. I am a keen advocate of an open-access science that goes beyond the lab/clinic and a proud member of the RIGEast Committee.

ALAN CAMERON – Ipswich/Felixstowe Branch – Webmaster

I have been living with Parkinson’s since 2005 when I was 39. I have been an active volunteer for Parkinson’s UK since 2012 mostly with the Research Support Network. In 2013 I was lucky enough to be at World Parkinson’s Congress which gave me a great introduction to Parkinson’s research. I’m keen to do what I can to speed up the search for better treatments and the cure(s). I am a member of the Research Support Network development team and have recently joined the newly formed East of England Research Interest Group.

GEOFF CHANDLER – Chelmsford Branch – Webmaster

I have been living with Parkinson’s since 2016. I have been an active volunteer for Parkinson’s UK since 2017 initially within the Chelmsford Branch and then the Research Support Network. I became a Research Champion and then was subsequently asked to join the RIG east steering Group.

My background has been IT, covering many roles and technologies for both the private and public sectors including assignments in Europe and the USA. I am now devoting more of my time to assisting Parkinson’s research in progressing finding better treatments and cures.


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KECIA HARRIS – Parkinson’s UK

Kecia Harris is the Area Development Manager for Parkinson’s UK covering Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex. She has worked for Parkinson’s UK since 2007. Her work with Parkinson’s UK aims to increase the opportunities that people with Parkinson’s have to access support and information, and she also works with the NHS to improve services. Increased access to involvement in research is something she has an interest in developing. She has a background in medical advocacy with the aid agency Medecins Sans Frontieres, and she is a qualified science teacher.

RUTH HERMAN – North Herts Branch

Ruth Herman was diagnosed in 2014 and retired from her lecturing at the University of Hertfordshire at that time. After a career in Public Relations she went to university as a mature student and gained a Bachelors, Masters and a Doctorate in 9 years. Having published in a wide range of genres, from a pub guide to a scholarly monologue and academic articles Ruth now has the pleasure of writing about what she enjoys most – accessible history. Ruth’s principle interest in the Parkinsons research area is to bring scientists and lay folk together and to encourage them to communicate. She is on the committee of the West Herts branch of Parkinsons UK and is responsible for the Speaker Programme.

LIZ NASH – Parkinson’s UK

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JULIE WILSON – Parkinson’s UK

Area Development Manager for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire including Luton & Peterborough.

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