Research champions

What do we do and how can you help?

RIGeast is part of Parkinson’s UK’s national Research Support Network.

It provides a local research support service for PUK’s area groups in the East of England area by:

  • Using our contacts with local researchers to organise research-related activities.
  • Recruiting, training and supporting local members to become Research Champions
  • Developing appropriate communications channels to broadcast research information across this diverse region

What is a Research Champion?

The role of  the Research Champion is to act as the point of contact for research information in your local group. [Depending on group size, there could be more than one.]

Their main task is to share information coming from the local Research Interest group (EoERIG) and the national Research Support Network (RSN), informing people about research news and events. There will also be opportunities to take part and get involved in research.

Research champions help to ensure that everyone has access to research news, events and opportunities and to provide feedback on the services being provided.

What’s involved?

  • Getting up to date with the latest research trends (with the aid of a research mentor).
  • Helping to organise events.
  • Communicating research progress to people who may or may not have access to this information via digital media.
  • Encouraging people to join the Research Support Network

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