About Us

EoE RIG Steering Committee

These are the members of the East of England Research Interest Group Steering Committee (and their key role):

David Bousfield – webmaster
Alan Cameron 
Andrew Cassy – webmaster
Kecia Harris – Parkinsons UK
Ruth Herman
Keith & Janet Howlett 
Clive Matthews – Chair
Romina Vuono – Research lead
Julie Wilson – Parkinsons UK


David Bousfield – Cambridge branch

  • I am 68, semiretired and was diagnosed with PD at the end of 2014.I have a PhD in neuroscience and was the editor of a journal called Trends in Neurosciences
    for over 8 years. I have also worked for the National Institutes of Health  and the European Bioinformatics Institute
    In 2005 I started to work as an independent consultant providing support to research organisations and
    publishing companies trying to understand how to improve both the quality of their research and their
    online communications strategies.
    Since 1999 I have devoted some of my free time each year to fund-raising and support for a variety of charities.
    As I move towards full retirement from commercial activities I want to combine some of these skills and activities and Parkinson’s UK’s EoERIG seemed a good place to start!

Alan Cameron – Ipswich / Felixstowe branch

  • I have been living with Parkinson’s since 2005 when I was 39. I have been an active volunteer for Parkinson’s UK since 2012 mostly with the Research Support Network. In 2013 I was lucky enough to be at World Parkinson’s Congress which gave me a great introduction to Parkinson’s research. I’m keen to do what I can to speed up the search for better treatments and the cure(s). I am a member of the Research Support Network development team and have recently joined the newly formed East of England Research Interest Group.

Andrew Cassy – Ipswich branch

  • Diagnosed with atypical Parkinsonism in 2010, aged 44, Andrew has since been keen to find out more about the disease.His interests for the research group are to help promote all the opportunities available for members to get involved with, and even influence, how the research programmes are structured, thereby raising awareness of the condition through better understanding.

    Having a technical computing background, Andrew can help the steering group with websites, IT and an encourage more use of webinar / Skype technologies to increase the reach, accessibility, resources available for local research champions to spread the word within their branch.

Kecia Harris – Parkinsons UK

Ruth Herman –  West Herts branch

  • Diagnosed four years ago, Ruth is still doing pretty well and participating in Parkinson’ UK activities.  Her volunteering for the chairty includes speaker secretary and committee membr of the West Herts Branch, and of course membership of the East of England Research Group.  She is not a scientist and her background is firmly in the area of communication.  With a PhD in propaganda (18th century style) she is wary of any writing that is not clear and accessible to its intended audience. So her aim in the Group is to encourage researchers to think about the words and other communication tools they are using to get their message to the Parkinson’s lay community..  She also sits with other Parkinson’s people on the University of Hertfordshire Dance Psychology Lab steering committee who are working on the effects of music on the condition.
    She has a life outside of Parkinson’s with frequent trips to London’s theatre land and a particular affection for research into manuscripts. She lives by the motto “While I can I will” and has every intention to continue to enjoy every minute available.

Keith & Janet Howlett – Cambridge branch

Clive Matthews – Chair – Essex branch

Romina Vuono – Research lead, University of Cambridge

  • I am a neuroscientist at the Clinical Neurosciences Department. My research, of more than 12years, is focused on uncovering the molecular mechanisms that cause proteins (e.g. synuclein, tau) to misfold and aggregate in toxic forms, which are a typical pathological hallmark of conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.
    My main aim is to find a cure to defeat these conditions – to make this happen we need to be together, communicate and learn from each other. On this regard, I think that it is crucial the interaction between scientist and people who live with Parkinson’s day to day (people with Parkinson’s and their carers) as they know the condition better than anyone else. I was/am lucky enough to be at the University of Cambridge, a world-leading research environment, and connected with enthusiastic people such as Anna-Louise Smith and Julie Wilson at Parkinosn’s UK – together, on 9th September 2016, we founded the Cambridge Research Interest Group known now as East of England Research Interest Group. I believe that great things will be done together.

Julie Wilson – Parkinsons UK

  • Area Development Manager for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire including Luton & Peterborough